“As a former President of the Texas State Chamber of Commerce, banker, and conservative writer, Skipper, may have seemed an odd choice to receive the first Cesar E. Chavez Conscience Builder Award, but as much as the Award defined him for his dedication to personal dignity and justice, he defined the Award and the fact that Cesar was not driven by politics or money, but instead was dedicated to the cultural values of conscience, fairness, and the right to opportunity. While Skipper and Cesar are of different eras, backgrounds, and politics, they are very similar in their willingness to stand on principle and their compassion for others. Skipper’s writings on the importance of personal dignity, honor, and the necessity of family values articulate our Hispanic culture, La Causa. While many of us may not agree totally with Skipper’s take on all issues, one can attribute these dissimilarities to our distinctly different backgrounds and perspectives. Cesar’s legacy was a cause to build, not to destroy, to unite, not to divide, as is Skipper’s mission. They are more alike than different. There is much to be learned from his writings on how to create jobs and opportunity and is this not what Cesar stood for? America is better today because of Cesar; America will be a better country because of the effects of Skipper’s writings. We will always be friends because we know the depth of each other’s motivation for our children’s future, and motivation comes from the depths of the heart and mind.”
~ Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, United Farm Workers Union

“The Wisdom of Generations looks at the enduring significance of the values our nation was founded on – freedom, liberty and democracy. Skipper explores how those values have shaped our nation, and how critical they will be for our future. Skipper examines the rights and responsibilities created by the Founding Fathers in American economics, politics, and culture. His insightful findings will certainly have an immediate impact on the policy debates ongoing during this critical time for our nation.”
~ U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX-32); Vice Chairman, House Rules Committee; Chairman, National Republican Congressional Committee

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“Over the next decades, the less developed economies of Latin America and Asia will play a major part in the world’s growth, stability, and cultural values. How people do business – the level of integrity and trust will evolve in this environment and will shape the nature of the world. Where you invest, who you trust, how institutions are respected will come from that culture. Mexican leaders in the Task Force for Integrity have led a movement not only in Latin America, but worldwide, for integrity and Tieman Dippel has been their partner. The Wisdom of Generations tells their story, not only in Mexico and Latin America, but Asia. It is the defense of family values, integrity, and the necessity of institutions and corporations to adapt higher levels of governance, standards of competence, and responsible compassion if they are to protect market systems and what they can produce.”
~ Carlos Slim Helu, Honorary Chairman Carso Group, Mexico City, Mexico

“Consumers drive business, just as values drive society. Skipper Dippel has exposed a massive wound in our culture—a values-shift from conscience to convenience. He shows how, just as our economies have struggled from this shift, so will our cultural foundation. This book, The Wisdom of Generations presents a crystal clear message that should be consumed by every corporate leader who understands the impact and potential impact we can and should have in the community, in business, and throughout the world. This book exposes not only the lessons we learned in the past, but the path to economic, political, and cultural success in the future.”
~ Bill Fields, Chairman of Four Corners Sourcing and Board Chair of Lexmark International, Inc., Former President and CEO: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, Blockbuster Entertainment Group- a division of Viacom, Factory 2-U Stores, Inc. and Hudson’s Bay Company.

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“The Wisdom of Generations spotlights the moral hazards we all face in life as individuals and addresses the greatest global problems of the world. Skipper shows how both require great resistance to the lures of greed, irresponsibility, corruption, and the need to always stand on the rock of ethical responsibility for the greatest good.”
~ Bill Ide, Former President of the American Bar Association, Chairman of the Conference Board Governance Center

“This book, conceptually, empowers our future. The Wisdom of Generations forces us to think differently and more inclusively honoring the cultures and histories of our past, and preparing for our future.”
~ Donna Deberry, Former Executive Vice President of Global Diversity & Corporate Affairs at Wyndham International and first Vice President of Global Diversity for Nike

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