• The Wisdom of Generations
    The Wisdom of Generations Using the Lessons of History to create a Values-Based Future

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Tieman "Skipper" Dippel- The Wisdom of Generations

A voice of conscience during a critical global cleavage-point, Tieman H. "Skipper" Dippel, introduces:

The Wisdom of Generations, The Sixth Book in The Language of Conscience Evolution.

Lessons for Global Leadership

Our society has seen great change during the 5,125 year Mayan Long Count calendar. Furthermore, in just the past sixty years, the power of politics, economics and culture have become much stronger in society. We saw a cycle of politics in the 1960s as market economics battled centralized planning with leaders like Kennedy, Johnson, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Mao. The emergence of Western technology—computers and communication—gave an advantage to markets and gave precedence to the power cycle of economics with Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbachev, and Deng. Then, the power of economics transitioned to the power of culture—terrorism, lack of responsibility, fraud, greed, and other vices have led to our worst recession since the Depression.

Today, we see the critical mortar of our current global system beginning to crack. Europe is shattering from the unsustainability of its welfare programs as well as sovereign and private debt. America is suffering a huge imbalance due to its credit driven economy and debt, which restricts its position as the consumer of last resort. In the West, the 60 plus year debt super cycle is coming to an end with austerity becoming necessary. China has grown by production and export and that model is not sustainable so it must develop more internal consumption since Europe and America are retrenching. The Middle East and its impact on oil reserves, which affects all three of the above, is changing and modernizing its leadership and cultural model but will experience difficult stages. The past is history, but the three great powers of politics, economics, and culture are entering a new global stage of reshuffling.

An outcome is not known, only the risks and opportunities. There can be deterioration or rebirth. And, accept it or not, these issues rest in our collective hands.



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