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The Language of Conscience Book Series


The Language of Conscience book series refers to a progression of books written by author Tieman H. Dippel, Jr., which evolved The Language of Conscience philosophical concept and was later adapted to the concept of Enlightened Conservatism.  The books include the original of the series, The New Legacy, One Texan’s thoughts on Politics, Family and Power[1]; The Language of Conscience, Using Enlightened Conservatism to Build Cooperative Capital and Character[2]; Instilling Values in Transcending Generations, Bringing Harmony to Cultures Through the Power of Conscience[3]; Understanding Enlightened Conservatism, Granting Others the Same Dignity and Rights You Expect Personally[4]; The Essentials of The Language of Conscience, Building a Modern Decisions Matrix on Ethics to Avoid Moral Hazard in Public Policy and Create an “Educated Citizen” of Responsibility[5];  The Wisdom of Generations, Using the Lesson of History to Create a Values-Based Future.[6]


ForeWord Reviews/Clarion Five Star Review says of the Wisdom of Generations, “Tieman H. Dippel’s The Language of Conscience Evolution Series, beginning with the first book, The New Legacy (published twice in the late eighties and republished in 2002), and continuing with the sixth and latest volume in the series, The Wisdom of Generations, is a thriving organism that adapts to continuous change. Dippel’s series emphasizes that all ethical, monetary, and other decisions made by individuals, families, corporations, or governments should be based on conscience, not convenience.”[7]


In   addition   to   the   major   books   in   the   series, integral   parts   of   the   development   of   the concept were two websites and the related postings of information and blogs. These included and later  The series of triangles that simplified the complex interactions were primarily advanced on these websites, which should be considered publications in their own right.


While the concepts are complex, the general themes of the books relate to the necessity of cultural ethics as an organizing principle of society in the modern age.  The significance of an individual’s dignity is a driving force for action but must be guided by conscience over convenience.  The concepts rely on the contextual interaction of three pure powers—economics, politics, and culture with economics and politics being driven by interests and culture being driven by values.  Deterioration in cultural ethics to convenience by the theory dramatically affects both economics and politics.  Cultural trust directly affects confidence in money, and when you lose trust culturally, you inevitably impact the quality or value of money because the value of obligations is diminished.  Politics plays a significant part in this process because inevitably most trust is broken when the political system adopts moral hazard and spends money for political benefit without the collection through taxes thus forcing central banks to create a fiat currency.  Many of the themes of the cultural ethics that are The Language of Conscience are the relationship of society to the past, the present, and the future.  With an appreciation of the cultural values created in the past, it is the obligation of the present to adapt trends that protect the future.


An analogy to a computer system has been used with the series, which categorizes The Language of Conscience as the computer, Understanding Enlightened Conservatism as the software, and The Wisdom of Generations as the data, with the related materials as refinements and products.




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