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“The Wisdom of Generations spotlights the moral hazards we all face in life as individuals and addresses the greatest global problems of the world. Skipper shows how both require great resistance to the lures of greed, irresponsibility, corruption, and the need to always stand on the rock of ethical responsibility for the greatest good.”
~ Bill Ide, Former President of the American Bar Association, Chairman of the Conference Board Governance Center

“This book, conceptually, empowers our future. The Wisdom of Generations forces us to think differently and more inclusively honoring the cultures and histories of our past, and preparing for our future.”
~ Donna Deberry, Former Executive Vice President of Global Diversity & Corporate Affairs at Wyndham International and first Vice President of Global Diversity for Nike

“In The Wisdom of Generations—the most recent book in his Language of Conscience series—Tieman H. (Skipper) Dippel, Jr. makes the point that personal and family values form the essential medium within which ethical organizations and cultures either grow and are sustained, or wither away.
   One hundred years ago, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) movement began. The BBB focused its original efforts on “truth” as a bedrock for retail advertising and marketing. Its founders did not base their efforts on law or regulation, for there was little of either in those early days of marketing. Rather, the founders of the BBB “self-regulation” movement built it on deeply held personal, family, and spiritual values.
   As it was in the early days of the BBB, the organizing principles of Skipper’s writing rely on his belief that a society of integrity and personal responsibility can foster cultures and institutions built upon mutual obligation. When individuals share common values, peer pressure can exert a powerful influence on personal, institutional, and societal behavior. His books refer to these shared values as “the language of conscience.”
   Today, more than ever, we need to build a shared, borderless appreciation for the obligations between men and women to deal ethically as these obligations may be difficult or impossible to legally enforce. This is the message of the Language of Conscience—one that is shared by the Better Business Bureau during its Centennial.”
~ Charles I. Underhill, Former President of the Better Business Bureau of Western New York, retired Senior Vice President and COO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Senior Consultant, Council of Better Business Bureaus

“Transparency is key to every great story. The Wisdom of Generations gives us a framework of values-based thought that is necessary in today’s world—not so that we can tell a great story to future generations, but we can reveal a great truth.”
~ Richard Levick, President and CEO of Levick Strategic Solutions

“As a nation of laws, it’s critical to understand that the values of our culture must be our guiding force. The Wisdom of Generations clearly shows us the realities of what happens when we let convenience over-ride conscience. This message has the power to change the world—but only if we act upon it.”
~ John Brown, Former Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Technology is allowing us a glimpse at ‘one world’. And, Skipper Dippel is giving us a roadmap to enter that world with a conscience. The Wisdom of Generations is a serious work. And, it will play a serious role in globalization.”
~ Jay Elliot, Founder and CEO of Nuvel, Inc., Former Senior Vice President of Apple Computers, Author of “The Steve Jobs Way, iLeadership for a new Generation” and author of an upcoming book “Leading Apple with Steve Jobs: Management Lessons from a Controversial Leadership Genius”

“How do you build a strong corporate culture that lasts? The same way you build strong nations, vibrant communities, and healthy families. The Wisdom of Generations pinpoints a way of thinking that is often lost in the corporate world today—that when values are our guiding principles, we all win.”
~ Arte Nathan, Former Chief People Officer Wynn Hotels

"The Wisdom of Generations is a fascinating and thought-provoking book about the role of a values-based education in the modern world.  I was struck by the parallels between its levels of analysis and those embodied in the Human Dimensions of Organizations program at the University of Texas.  I believe that the exploration of the human condition at the level of individuals, organizations, and cultures will enable a new generation of leaders to develop thought processes that will enable them to adapt to this rapidly changing world rather than being stuck implementing procedures that were better-suited to an earlier time."
~ Art Markman, PhD, Director of the program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations, University of Texas at Austin

“Those of us in the Humanities are dedicated to studying the ways in which we human beings endow our life with meaning, especially the complex of values that guides our behavior. Skipper Dippel’s thoughtful focus on values as the basis of understanding our own and other cultures not only marks The Wisdom of Generations as humanistic in the best sense of the word but also provides direction for those who want to help create a world that is more harmonious, equitably competitive, and perhaps even wiser. This is a profound and profoundly important work.”
~ Dennis M. Kratz, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas

"Once again in his new book, The Wisdom of the Generations, Teiman Dippel has demonstrated that the practice of personal ethics is a key to a successful and well-led life. It is not possible for governments practicing democratic principles, or governments using other forms of governance to succeed without having its main participants operating in an ethical manner. The education of our children at any level, but particularly at the college level, must in some manner impart a sense of ethical behavior into their curriculum. Successful business leaders are well aware that having a reputation for ethical behavior is one of the keys to economic success. The Wisdom of the Generations provides strong guidance into how this can be accomplished."
~ Dr. Charles R. Matthews, Chancellor Emeritus, Texas State University System, and Former Chairman, Texas Railroad Commission

“This book is a MUST read for anyone who cares about America’s future in the global world, our relationship with China and other countries. Skipper Dippel is a man of integrity, who exemplifies how respect and understanding of each other’s history, culture and conscience is integral to peace, prosperity and success.”
~ Camille D. Miller, President/CEO, Texas Health Institute

“Hispanics, through music and the arts, which are an expression of the soul, will continue to define our rich culture. Our culture’s character is defined by either conscience or convenience. Skipper, “The Texas prophet of conscience,” wisely realizes that Hispanics will not allow politicians to identify who we are. The Wisdom of Generations eloquently articulates our values— God, family, and serving others.”
~ Little Joe y la Familia

"Skipper Dippel's The Wisdom of Generations is a serious study of the history and importance on the future of economics, politics and culture. It is written for his children and their children, but it is a treatise that is for us, our children and future generations also. Its timeless principles can benefit leaders in business, non-profits and the public sector to implement and teach for multi-generational success. It reaffirms that knowledge is learned one generation at a time, and each generation is responsible for teaching the next generation in order to sustain the success of a society. It is said that, "Wise is the man who plants a tree that he will never sit in its shade". Skipper Dippel displays his wisdom by sharing with us The Wisdom of Generations. It is a must read for anyone concerned with the future of their family and country, and who wants to leave their own legacy."
~ Richard V. Battle, Author of The Four Letter Word That Builds Character and The Volunteer Handbook

“The many mansions of the Arts are found not only on the stages of the world. They are all found in the cultivated heart. Nowhere is this more fundamentally realized than in the Arts because that is where thought, practice and discipline are paramount. I have had the great pleasure to know and admire Skipper Dippel for over thirty years, a man of thoughtful intellect and decisive action. He is a consummate supporter of all the Arts and Humanities, down to his fingertips! His optimism, energy, positive attitude and stimulating writing embody the ancient Chinese proverb: “Always keep a green tree in your heart – for one day, a singing bird will come.” This is the inspiration of the truly gifted! We are so fortunate to have Skipper’s voice to hear and read.”
~ James Dick, Concert Pianist, Founder, Round Top Festival Institute

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