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“Over the next decades, the less developed economies of Latin America and Asia will play a major part in the world’s growth, stability, and cultural values. How people do business – the level of integrity and trust will evolve in this environment and will shape the nature of the world. Where you invest, who you trust, how institutions are respected will come from that culture. Mexican leaders in the Task Force for Integrity have led a movement not only in Latin America, but worldwide, for integrity and Tieman Dippel has been their partner. The Wisdom of Generations tells their story, not only in Mexico and Latin America, but Asia. It is the defense of family values, integrity, and the necessity of institutions and corporations to adapt higher levels of governance, standards of competence, and responsible compassion if they are to protect market systems and what they can produce.”
~ Carlos Slim Helu, Honorary Chairman Carso Group, Mexico City, Mexico

“Consumers drive business, just as values drive society. Skipper Dippel has exposed a massive wound in our culture—a values-shift from conscience to convenience. He shows how, just as our economies have struggled from this shift, so will our cultural foundation. This book, The Wisdom of Generations presents a crystal clear message that should be consumed by every corporate leader who understands the impact and potential impact we can and should have in the community, in business, and throughout the world. This book exposes not only the lessons we learned in the past, but the path to economic, political, and cultural success in the future.”
~ Bill Fields, Chairman of Four Corners Sourcing and Board Chair of Lexmark International, Inc., Former President and CEO: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, Blockbuster Entertainment Group- a division of Viacom, Factory 2-U Stores, Inc. and Hudson’s Bay Company.


“Ethics in legal and financial systems have been held under a microscope since the financial crisis. This book lifts the veil and reveals the impact our culture has on the perception of ethics, and the actions that follow. This is a framework and roadmap for any individual seriously-minded about such issues. And, ironically, in today’s climate of corruption and greed, we all should be seriously-minded individuals about such issues.”
~ Dr. Gaytri Kachroo, Founder of the International Center for Corporate and Financial Ethics and Responsibility, Vice-Chair of the Global Alliance on the Madoff Case, International Financial Court appointee, and Principal of Kachroo Legal Services in Cambridge, MA.

“The Wisdom of Generations is bigger than a book. It’s obvious to all that the world is in a state of transition. This book creates a foundation of thought that transcends boundaries, cultures, and politics. Tieman H. Dippel is the voice our world, our communities, and our perceptions need to initiate legitimate progress. He provides a framework of how to think, instead of what to think—a refreshing approach when so many powerful voices are intended on swaying thought or creating “buy-in.” This book is for the serious minded individual, and the person who can truly understand that we are one world and one people.”
~ John Guerra, CEO, Aztec Worldwide Group, LTD. and the United Consumer Coalition, Former Managing Director, AT&T Caribbean & Latin America

“Alfred Chandler, Jr. taught us the wisdom of studying business history as a management tool for progress and improvements. Thus, we must also understand that one day we will be standing on the decisions that we are making today. The Wisdom of Generations reveals how family values form the core of our culture. This book explains how those values guide our decisions—or should guide our decisions. We also learn what happens when those values are excluded from the decision-making process. Any serious-minded business, political, military or community leader should read this book. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to become a leader with a legacy—rather than just a boss.”
~ Ronald L. Loveless, Retired Walmart Executive/Founding CEO, Sam’s Clubs, Business Consultant

“We cannot stop time. We can only manage it. Skipper Dippel brilliantly illustrates how time has told and will tell our story. Right now, this book is a reminder of our time. The generations to come will either reap the rewards of our conscience, or they’ll be paralyzed by our convenience. The Wisdom of Generations is quite possibly the most timely today, and always will be.”
—Ken May, Former CEO, FedEx Kinkos, Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, March of Dimes Foundation

“A timely book that has inspired a new international dialog. Understanding the Language of Conscience provides not only an essential platform for examining the influence of comparative culture but even more a runway for rediscovering and relaunching the time tested ideas that reveal wisdom over folly and failure. Collective reflection and a culture of discernment is the key. In his most recent book The Wisdom of Generations, Tieman “Skipper” Dippel, Jr. has insightfully provided a vital discourse equally applicable to human relations, law, education, business, government, economics, and international diplomacy in the pursuit of a more universal understanding of our common need for transcendent but practical ideals that are rooted in reality rather than the fantasy of failed political philosophies. Santayana warns that “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” Dippel urges us to rediscover the past and chart a course for the future. It is no surprise that The Wisdom of Generations is influencing a new discussion between global leaders.”
—Gordon Riddle Pennington, Managing Director of Burning Media Group, New York City, Former Director of Marketing at Tommy Hilfiger, advisor to the United States Council on Economic Development, board member @ charity: water and the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University

"Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus wrote that “character is destiny.” This concept is clearly evident throughout the evolving writings of Tieman “Skipper” Dippel. I have known and worked with Skipper a very long time. He now has a large brood of grandchildren, yet I remember when his own three children were born. I am an economist by trade, and can best discuss his work in the language of my chosen profession. For instance, Skipper talks of economics as one of three integrated sources of power (politics and culture being the other two). He offers a concept, which he calls “Enlightened Conservatism” as a framework for much of his analysis. While I might give it a different label, there is something quite profound in this framework. Despite all of the current babble about the ninety nine percent and the one percent, as well as the corresponding railing over the supposed evils of the marketplace, there is some inherent nobility and fairness about a capitalistic system.
   In the 13th century, Saint Thomas Aquinas, arguably the most respected theologian since the Apostles, wrote instructions for monks on how to establish proper restitution when an economic harm (such as theft or swindling) was at issue. Through this process, he developed a doctrine known as the “Just Price.” This idea is virtually identical to what we presently dub the “Long-run Equilibrium Price,” which is the basic outcome that unfettered markets produce. Although formulated centuries before trade and exchange of the type we know today governed economies, and in an environment where a good after-life trumped any notions of profit maximization, the “fair price” was determined to be essentially what markets produce.
   Having said that, it must also be recognized that markets, while just, are far from perfect. At its core, a market is nothing more than a remarkable mechanism to organize the human response to incentives in an effic ient manner without a great deal of effort. It is not a good device for caring for the poor, building infrastructure, assuring universal education, or any
other desirable outcomes for which public and private interests are not perfectly aligned. It is in those arenas that the “enlightened” aspect of Skipper’s framework must come to the fore. In fact, the “social contract” which lies at the core of Western (and, to a large extent, Eastern) civilization is one of the fundamental tenets emanating from a period that we call, appropriately enough, “The Enlightenment.”
   In “The Wisdom of Generations,” Skipper fuses these elements with a strong sense of family and community to provide a compelling narrative of the diverse challenges of modern life. I highly recommend this book to you."
~ Dr. M. Ray Perryman, President and CEO, The Perryman Group Institute Distinguished Professor of Economic Theory and Method, International Institute for Advanced Studies

“I first met Skipper when we both served on the Board of Directors of the Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. I quickly realized that he was a conservative banker who had little in common with my liberal background. However, shortly thereafter, and increasingly over the last twenty years that I have known him, I found that we have a great deal i (common, especially when it comes to values and particularly our respect for an individual’s dignity. Skipper is a bridge builder between differing interests of people and business. He is an acknowledged leader and someone whose views are respected not only by those in the board rooms, but also in the public arena because with his depth of knowledge, he often challenges normal ways of thinking. His recognized desire to do the right thing allows him liberties that others seldom grant. Skipper has achieved considerable success and has done so with complete integrity and without any sacrifice of character. He has been a real friend to the minority community. His willingness to risk friendships by honestly expressing what he feels to be right is equally balanced with his ability to truly listen to the views of others. Skipper has built a sound reputation among his peers and a great deal can be learned from The Wisdom of Generations.”
~ Milton Carroll, Chairman, CenterPoint Energy, Inc., and Chairman, Health Care Service Corporation

“What is truth? What is justice? How do our views of trust, fairness, empathy and integrity shape our lives, our country and our world? In The Wisdom of Generations, Tieman Dippel, Jr. continues and advances the tradition of the great thinkers fathered by the ancient Greeks who have sought answers to these questions. In today’s interrelated world of disparate cultures, how we address these issues has never been more relevant. The future of mankind shall be determined by how we respond.”
~ Paul O. Koether, Former Chairman Pure World, Inc. and Kent Financial Services, Inc.

“My Father, John Chase, was one of the first black students at the University of Texas when it integrated its graduate architecture programs in 1950. He left a lifetime of great physical structures, but his core effort was to serve others, and he was a leader of organizations like the University of Texas Ex-Students Association and innumerable public efforts to improve minority treatment, often through the belief you could do much more from the inside than from the outside. Skipper and my parents became friends through the University of Texas, and he often asked Skipper to come to Houston when Skipper was President of the East Texas Chamber of Commerce to speak to minority groups from Rotary clubs to Texas Southern organizations. Skipper had my father’s respect because he defined and promoted individual dignity at difficult times. They were alike in that both defended their economic and political perspectives, which differed, but came together on honor, family values, and dignity. The minority community has welcomed Skipper over the years because he opened opportunities like the Texas Lyceum, supported economic and educational opportunities for minorities, and pushed for financial literacy and individual responsibility. Even those that disagree with him respect his integrity, honor, and intelligence. When a legacy endowment was created for my father at the University of Texas and it needed several sponsors, my father chose Skipper to be one of the signatories. He and I have been lifelong friends, and I would recommend The Wisdom of Generations to all families who want their children not only to be successful, but to have a value-based satisfying life.”
~ Tony Chase, CEO, Chase-Source LP

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