Family Philosophy

"Machiavelli noted that half of life was determined by fate and that the other half by our actions. If that is so, let us ask God's favor on that half that we cannot control, but let us be certain to design the half that we do control to deserve God's favor".

Skipper and Kitty Dippel

 The ultimate goal of many people is to be remembered after their death, to transcend generations. This is attempted by monuments, businesses, and achievements often aimed at how many people remember your name. But the real transcending generation often has ideas and values and is focused on family because it guides their further success. In this arena, one may be less important personally, but the ideas that transcend generations set the future for one's core ideals. The world may know you or your family, but your ideals define you more than just a name.

Every family passes on their values to the next generation. These values greatly influence society. If they are not passed on by each generation to the next, we then return to primitive status. My last conversation with my Father, as described in The New Legacy, shows in capsule form what he learned from his parents and what he had taught me throughout life. Perhaps the best quirk of fate in life is that the picture of Kitty and me that had just been taken while I was in the JAG Corps of the Navy arrived the day of his death. He had gotten me to that point in life, and it was a point I had the maturity to understand and carry his values forward.

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