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BusinessBiodippel0033Tieman "Skipper" Dippel, Jr.

Tim Richardson, former editor of the highly regarded Austin political newsletter, Quorum Report, reported, “Tieman Henry Dippel, Jr. is often listed as one of the state’s most influential leaders, but his power does not lie in being what one would call the networker’s networker...Far more important, he is a philosophical leader...a political independent who understands the importance of ideas... Dippel realizes that we get the government we elect and our level of consciousness and sense of responsibility are the real keys to our future success.” His highly acclaimed book series based on its core book, The Language of Conscience, has evolved over a thirty-year period beginning with The New Legacy (Taylor Publishing, 1987), that at the time was proclaimed “a map for the future” by Texas Governor Ann A. Richards, and “a prescription for life and government all wrapped into one” by his friend, Senator Phil Gramm.

The Language of Conscience was then followed by books that developed the original concepts. Instilling Values in Transcending Generations, Bringing Harmony to Cultures Through the Power of Conscience; Understanding Enlightened Conservatism, Granting Others the Same Dignity and Rights You Expect Personally; and The Essentials of The Language of Conscience, Building a Modern Decision Matrix on Ethics to Avoid Moral Hazard in Public Policy and Create an “Educated Citizen” of Responsibility. Several books within the series have received Clarion Five Star Reviews, as well as recognitions from ForeWord Magazine and the Eric Hoffer Book of the Year competitions. The Language of Conscience was translated and published by the Press of the Central Party School of the Communist Party as a bridge with the West on ethics, morality, and cultural values. It has been noted to serve as a bridge between cultures and a resource for public policy because of its method of contextual thinking about the three great powers of economics, politics and culture.

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