The Small Town in a Big World

Brenham, TexasImagine for a moment that you set out on a road trip to discover the true definition of Americana. Strap into your seatbelt. Lower the canvas top of on large, vintage convertible, and get ready to feel the Texas wind gush through your hair.

Halfway between Austin and Houston, you might find the picture perfect vision of Americana in a small town called Brenham, Texas. There you’ll find “salt of the earth” people—hardworking, family oriented, proud Texans—who will greet you with warm handshake, a smile, and quite possibly a firm but welcoming “Howdy.”

With a population of about 17,000 residents, a rich history exposed throughout numerous museums, and the renowned Blue Bell Creameries as a focal point (the third best selling brand of ice cream in the United States) it’s quite possible that Brenham Texas is in fact the Americana City you’ve been searching to find.

But, there’s more to this small Texas Mecca than you might imagine—stroll down the streets of yesterday past the bed & breakfasts, past the historical Brenham Fire Station, and past the small town post office and you just might find a way of life that could influence the world—by sharing it’s sense of family values, neighborly understanding, and wisdom gained through generations.

“Family values aren’t based on a white picket fence, two children and golden retriever,” says Skipper Dipple, Author of The Wisdom of Generations. “Family values means understanding right from wrong and placing the needs of all in front of your own. Brenham may be a small town in Texas, but many of those values are still concrete here—values that would have done our world justice when we started selling sub-prime mortgages, when we look at what’s happening on wall-street, and what we see when we look at some of the things happening in South America. It sounds simplistic and maybe even a bit ideological, but in the current global transition we face, family values are our means to survival—economically, politically, and financially. “

Look at your small towns—Americana is a piece of history. And, there’s something we can learn from it.

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